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9 Years Later, Couple Finally Open Wedding Gift Aunt Told Them Not To Open

When people get married they receive a lot of presents from their relatives and friends letting them know how much they care about the couple.

There are average presents but also some that are out of the ordinary and very special. 

This is the story of one of the most unusual gifts that may have been given as a wedding present. Aunt Allison gave this couple a very special gist and asked them not to open their present until the first disagreement they would have. 

They did not have one for the first nine years of their marriage and just left the present on a shelf. Then, after nine years they decided to open their special present, following the aunt’s advice. 

During the nine years of their marriage, they did have some small discussions but nothing serious enough for them to consider opening the famous present. They saw it as a failure if they would open it since it would symbolize the failure of their marriage.

They used to think each time that it probably was not the best time to open it since they might have other discussions even more serious in the future.

One night they were remembering the old times and happened to talk about their wedding also. That is when they remembered the special wedding gift from their aunt. 

That is when they decided to open it and take a look at what was inside. Inside they saw that there were two notes inside with something written in there. 

The first note was for Kathy and it was a suggestion for her to go get a pizza or something they might both like. The second one was for Brandon and it was a suggestion for him to buy some flowers and pizza. 

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