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9 Signs That Reveal Any Woman’s Real Age

We have always been taught that wrinkles, grey hair, necks, and hands are the things that indicate a person’s age. In fact, that is not true, there are many other things to mention.

Your brow gets droopy.

The loss of volume in this area is age-related. That is why often women use Botox to keep the area smooth.

Lips lose hydration amd volume.

The contour of your lips alters as you get older. It becomes drier and loses volume. It also debelops purse string creases on the edges.

The belly button changes.

Due to many factors, your belly button changes as the years pass.

You develop dark circles under the eyes.

The skin around your eyes loses solidity and reveals its blood vessels.

Your earlobes get larger.

Earlobes are a good indication of age. They lose their thin fat layer and become stretched out.

The brow ridges reduce.

Our brows are held in their place by skin tension when we are young. Our skin’s elasticity slows down and our muscles weaken as we age.

The youth triangle is reversed.

When we are young, our faces have the shape of a triangle with the base over the forehead and apex downward. As we age it turns upside down.

The skin loses its shine.

As we get older, our skin loses its healthy and bright appearance.

The eyes and lips corners slide down.

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