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9 Signs That A Man Wants A Serious Relationship With You

One of the most troubling questions is, why do men cheat? What are the reasons that lead men to betray and upset their girlfriends? Although adultery is widespread, it does not involve everyone. Although men cheat faster than women, they can also be very loyal. Statistics show that men cheat because they are physically attracted. But this is not the only reason. They may be going through a difficult family life or living in a monotonous love affair.

Because people are different, the relationships they build are different. Therefore not all men who cheat have the same causes. However, infidelity can cause emotional damage and further damage a couple’s relationship. Sometimes betrayal is the biggest fear of girls. But this does not happen at all. Some girls trust their boyfriends endlessly, and they do not ask for messages on their phones.

But when it comes to marriage, everyone is silent. Sounds like a difficult decision or not? Sometimes men are afraid of big responsibilities and choose the easiest way to live. Marriage is important to them, and if things get this far, there is no turning back. Of course, this does not happen to everyone. But if you are afraid that your man will betray you, you should read this article. You should not give up marriage and become paranoid. Things do not always go wrong. If your man treats you well, he will never betray you.

Usually, men who are honest and choose to share every secret with their partner, rarely lie. They are loyal and can not betray. Many men do not have a problem if they tell the woman the messages, where she is, who she is associating with, what she is feeling at that moment, etc. It makes the relationship stronger and leaves no room for doubt.

Also, if your husband devotes all his time to you, it shows that he loves you and thinks only of you. For him, you are special and important. If he finds time for you and when there is a lot of work, you should appreciate this. Not everyone does this with their partner. Sometimes men do not have time for anything because they have a busy day. But if he shares his time with you, it shows that you are important to him.

If a man loves you for real

  • He pays attention to what you say to him.
  • He puts extra effort into the sake of this relationship.
  • He remembers and takes notes of the little things you like.
  • He puts your happiness above his own.
  • He shows concern about your family.
  • He trusts you.
  • He does everything to make your life easier.
  • He stays truthful to you always.
  • He is respectful to you