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88 YO Crossing Guard Killed Pushing Kids Out Of Way of Speeding, He Deserves Our Recognition

Life is full of heroes, reale people with the same characteristics as us and they do amazing stuff who cost a lot of sacrifice.

This is the extraordinary story of a crossing guard in Kansas city who sacrificed his life to save the children’s life.

Bob Nill 88 year old man has worked as a crossing guard for five years, was a respected man from all the students he helped cross the road.

On a Tuesday morning Bob put himself in harm’s way to save the childrens life from a blac sedan speed. He managed to stop the childrens but he was the victim.
Bob was able to push the kids out of the road but he was stuck himself.

His nephew said that for his uncle saving the two childrens life was very important for him and saved lifes.

After Bob retired from a full time job as a coast guard prior to contributing for his community as a crossing guard. For him helping the children was too important and feelt good as he had said.

The news of passing guard mr. bob Nill has passed away and the hearts of all community are heavy and broken. All prayers and thoughts are with his family right now.

For his community he was a great man and a respected one. He is a hero and will always be remembered as one. They pray for his soul. In our society not many people are like bob. They do not know the meaning of the job they are representing.

It’s good to know that there are people like him who react to situations like this but we all are realistic and also are people that do not care and are indifferent. How should our society be educated? Share your thoughts.