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81 YO Grandma Fights Off Mugger Caught On Camera

This young woman learned quickly that age is just a number when she thought she could mug an old lady easily. The 81 YO UK woman fought off the attacker who attempted to steal her cash at the ATM. 

Doreen Jones saved her bank account that day. Ms. Jones is not an average 81 YO woman. Assuming that she would be an easy task, was a big mistake. She said that I work hard for my money and would not allow anyone to take it from me. 

The young woman pointed at her mouth as she was hungry. After that grabbed her ATM card from Jones’ hand. Jones grabbed back her card and overpowered the young woman. She grabbed her by her collar and hair. She screamed and ran away. 

Police didn’t identify her, but she appeared to be pregnant. Jones suffers from anxiety and heart attacks. She is afraid to go out alone now. We hope Ms. Jones is doing great now and is fully recovered from the incident!