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8 Rare And Gorgeous Photos Of Shih Tzu After Grooming

The shih tzu is a breed of dog that is very popular with people and anyone who has a shih tzu dog at home knows that they can do many things with their coat, from some types of grooming to beautiful hairstyles.

But this is only possible if the shih tzu’s coat is well cared for. It’s no use wanting to dare in the shih tzu’s hairstyles if the coat is not treated. Here we present photos of shaved shih tzu. They will enchant you.

Shitzu pictures after grooming

This shih tzu appears all worked on the tosa hair curt. Isn’t it really love?

This one too. The haircut tosa prevailed. Now, look at the images with other types of clipping.

Isn’t there really love in the Japanese tosa? Want to squeeze…

And look how beautiful this turned out! You’re a diva!!!!

And this one is bouncing on the baby grooming.

One more for us to drool over. Beautiful isn’t she?

In the clipping of the scissors looks like an eternal puppy

And we end with this image here. Aren’t they really passionate?