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8 Nuances That Make Your Tights Tear

Tights are one of the clothes that tear fast, right? You have not yet found a solution to save them. In fact, it is not that difficult. Tights are very delicate products that can break down very quickly. They must be carefully held and properly dressed. However, to do this you need to follow a few rules. 

We are researching and bringing to you in this article some ways to protect your tights from tearing.  Now there is no need to buy new tights every day. Some mistakes are made when using tights. But we can avoid them.

Wearing tights

 Tights are delicate and can punch holes in the fabric. Therefore, be careful not to wear rings or bracelets during the dressing which may tear the tights. Also do not use nails while wearing tights. You can also use thin gloves if you want to make sure your gets are good.


Be careful when storing tights. Do not put them in bags along with socks or other tights.  Try to fold it and put it in order. You can buy an organizer and this will help you find them faster without tearing them down.

Store close to fabrics

You can put them around the interior. If you fold them carefully, they will not be damaged. But never put them around bras because they can be torn from their iron. Also, avoid buttons or belts. You can also store them on clothes hangers


Washing is important. People think that washing in the washing machine harms them. But this is not certain. However, you can wash them by hand or in the washing machine. Just wash carefully. Do not rub them hard. Because that way they can be torn.

Hand washing

When washing with the forehead, avoid harsh friction. You can wash them in the sink away from other clothing. If you ask about water, we advise you to avoid hot water. He damages the fabric. You can use normal or cold water instead.


Some people think that even the dryer can damage the tights. So it is better not to use it. Do not dry the tights even near hot steam. Also, keep them away from sunlight.


One of the reasons may be the shoes. They can be harsh and damage the fabric of the tights. Therefore, we advise you to wear cotton socks on the tights, which will protect your tights from the boots. 

Type of fabric

 Fabric is important. Some fabrics may be of better quality and some less. So when you get tights to check their quality. They may have weak fibers and tear faster.