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74 YO Arrested For 1988 Murder Of 11 YO Melissa Tremblay

The big news of finding the killer of the 11-year-old in 1988 spread very quickly. He is Marvin McClendon and lives in Alabama.

Now he is a retired elderly man. But he is watched for a long time by the police, who were trying to find the killer of the little girl. He had worked as an officer but now is no longer working. He was arrested in Alabama and charged with several counts.

According to the police, he avoided the trial and escaped the sentence. The police officers who dealt with this event told a press conference on Wednesday that the police have been investigating this murder for several years.

According to investigations and research McClendon is the killer of the 11-year-old girl. Melissa was with her mother shortly before she was killed.

She, her mother, and her mother’s boyfriend were staying at a social club while Melissa had gone out looking for a place to play.

The event took place in Lawrence. She was found murdered not far from the club. The 11-year-old was stabbed to death in a container of goods.

Although the police continued the investigation, a long time passed from the moment of the murder. According to the evidence, the police show that the killer is McClendon. They have interrogated many witnesses and suspects.

The investigation has been going on since 1988. However, everyone is satisfied that this crime is being solved. Many say they had no hope that the killer of the 11-year-old would be found.