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6+ Signs Your Shih Tzu Has Taken the House Lead

The detail is that more and more we owners treat our pets as if they were also human, with the right to the most varied pampering and privileges.

And then, without realizing it, we lose control and stop being seen as a leader, but as someone who should be led.

In the blink of an eye, the puppy is the new little king – or leader – of the house and you find yourself in the midst of chaos, dealing with a SHIH-TZU who doesn’t seem to obey you and at the same time demands that his wishes be done.

Has your SHIH-TZU taken over the house lead? Check out some signs that indicate this:

1 – He does everything to get attention

When you’re busy with another activity and your SHIH-TZU wants attention, he won’t take no for an answer.

You can fight with him and he will still see the pet bark, poke you with his nose, put his paw on your leg, lie on top of what you are doing…

His goal is to remind you that he is the most important thing in the house!

2 – He “takes revenge” when he is not answered

At that moment you couldn’t pay attention to SHIH-TZU, you fixed the situation, putting him out of the room or leaving him in the garage of the house.

As soon as you are free and able to attend SHIH-TZU there is a big surprise. He’s probably destroyed something you’re very fond of or has made your needs out of place.

All this with the aim of showing who is in charge!

3 – He is quite jealous

A SHIH-TZU who has taken over the leadership of the house is often quite jealous, as he believes the owner is “his property”, part of his pack.

So, whenever another animal in the house approaches, he immediately chases them away by pushing them or growling them to get away from you.

The same happens when other people come to your house, the SHIH-TZU will start showing off and will often growl or threaten to step forward when your guest gets close to you.

4 – He doesn’t learn that he shouldn’t do a certain thing

Imagine the following situation: SHIH-TZU did something wrong, like destroying something. You went there and scolded him.

If you are the leader of the house this situation will not happen again. Now if he is the leader, he can even put his ears down and hide his tail, in a week – or less – the situation will be repeating itself and the pet will find it absolutely normal.

After all, he’s the boss, so he can do whatever he wants around the house!

5 – He is the one who guides you on the tours

When you go out for a walk, who takes who? Can you walk around calmly, with SHIH-TZU walking by your side?

Or does SHIH-TZU come out ahead, pulling you along and wanting to determine where you’re going?

If you are guided on the tours and you have a hard time convincing him to go the right way, it means he is the leader of the house.

6 – He commands you

Maybe you still haven’t noticed and believe you’re just giving SHIH-TZU a treat, but the truth is that he’s assimilated that he’s boss of you.

Especially if during meals he jumps and barks asking for food and you offer him small snacks.

The same is true if you’re doing something else and he jumps on you or barks for your attention and you go over there and pet him or hold him.

Did you recognize these six situations? Yeah… Looks like your SHIH-TZU has taken over the house!