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6 Causes of Genitals Odor in Women and How to Get Rid of It

Your vag*na smell should not be never a punchline for horrible jokes. The majority of women in fact deal with the odor of their genitals in their lifetime. This can be affected by menstruation, sex*al activity, or infection. The healthy vag*na shall not have an odor. You have to do these things to smell fresh down there. 

You have to know the proper way to care. 

  • It is good to shower daily
  • When you have a workout session, it is best to shower so you remove the sweat even from it. 
  • Using fragrant soap should not mask the smell. You have to use only natural soaps without chemicals to protect you from irritation. 
  • Clean only the outer part of it. 
  • Unless your doctor says so, do not douche. 
  • You have to wipe it from front to back to avoid any infection. Use baby wipes or wet wipes to remove the dry wipe residue. 

Some things to remember.

  • Do not use any other products that aren’t meant for your intime hygiene. 
  • Buy only cotton underwear and change it every day.
  • Do not leave tamp*ns for a long time, if you use them. 
  • Make sure that you use a lubricant with water-based or silicone. 
  • Bacterial growth, yeast infections, and poor hygiene or hormonal changes can cause the odor.