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50 YO Woman Gives Birth To First Child After A Life Of Infertility

After a long struggle with infertility, Tony and Susie Troxler are very excited to welcome their first child. 

It is really unbelievable, says Susie. The idea of being a mommy still hasn’t sunk in. She had been dreaming of a baby since they were married years ago, but were never able to conceive. 

She went on an annual exam at a clinic in North Carolina, and after the check, the doctors asked her if she had anything else, questions, or concerns. 

She proceeded to tell them that she hadn’t gotten pregnant, and they replied they can work on that. 

Dr. Carolyn Harraway Smith referred her to a fertility specialist and a reproductive endocrinologist. 

They discussed and diagnosed her with fibroids. She had surgery to remove the fibroids. After that, she underwent several IVF and they turned to egg donation. 

This year she decided to try her last viable frozen embryo and weeks later she was pregnant. 

I don’t even have words, she said. It is amazing and surreal. The little girl was born healthy and brings joy to the family every day. 

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