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5+ Things Shih Tzus Can See in Humans That Others Fail To

You don’t have to say anything, because your Shih Tzu’s sixth sense is capable of detecting everything! Shih Tzu’s intuition is very strong

What we usually call the sixth sense seems to exist even in Shih Tzu. We don’t need to say anything and our Shih Tzu always knows what we’re feeling.

Here’s a list of 5 things Shih Tzus can see in humans:

Your mood – They are able to sense what mood we are in. It is very common for Shih Tzu to get stressed when we are nervous or not leave our side when we are sad.

When we’re not paying attention – Shih Tzu’s are very intelligent.

Have you ever noticed that they are capable of stealing food from the table in those 10 seconds you got distracted? Dogs know exactly when you’re not paying attention to something.

Inequality – A recent study found that dogs can sense when they are treated differently from other dogs. The researchers placed two dogs at a time and gave the same voice command.

But the reward was only given to one of them. So, the dog that did not receive a reward did not respond to any further commands.

When you’re sick – Many owners claim that Shih Tzus stick around when they’re sick. And several studies have already proven that dogs can detect cancer cells through smell.

If you can’t be trusted – Researchers have revealed that Shih Tzus know when someone is lying.