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5 Simple Tips To Distract Shih Tzu Who Are Alone At Home

Tips to distract shih tzus who are alone at home – Anyone who has a shih tzu at home or apartment, knows how sad it is to have to leave them alone, whether for a quick trip, to work, or to the market. Any situation where the presence of our canine friend is impossible is quite painful for both parties.

Shih tzus are animals created to be companions and, therefore, when they are alone they miss their owners too much, suffering from loneliness. They can even have some side effects when they feel alone for a long time, such as depression.

Therefore, we separate in this text some tips on how to distract our shih tzu whenever they are alone at home.

Teach your shih tzu to have fun with their own toys

A shih tzu tends to be stressed when he is alone for 4 to 6 hours a day, so it is necessary to occupy the dog during his absence.

The owner needs to teach the shih tzu to have fun during his absence, playing with his toys and taking the moment to relax, but this process requires time, patience, and dedication.

Teach your shih tzu to play

Teach your shih tzu to bite, play and have fun with their toys and not the furniture in the house. Another important detail is that the owner should never associate isolation with punishment, otherwise it is possible to trigger depression in your shih tzu.

Tips for single shih tzu

Promote periods of silence and gradual detachment throughout the day, this will make the shih tzu get used to the situation little by little.

Play with the shih tzu toys teaching him to have fun and always bite the toys (not the furniture). Always buy toys intended for dogs, thus preventing the shih tzu from ingesting any toxic or sharp product.

Choose a room in the house or apartment to create the “mess corner”, with toys, a bed, water, and food. If you live in an apartment, choose a specific place for your physiological needs, always away from food.

Whenever you leave the house, make sure all toys are within reach of the shih tzu (and not under the couch, for example).

Look for interactive toys, there are toys where you can hide inside, cookies and rations, making the game more fun and lively for the shih tzu, other toys shoot balls when triggered by the shih tzu.

This Is How To Leave Your Shih Tzu Alone At Home

Busy routines often require Shih Tzus to spend a few hours alone at home. However, we don’t call them pets just because they keep us company: they also need our presence, attention, and affection.

Before having Shih Tzu, people don’t usually give much importance to this subject. After all, Shih Tzus stay at home alone when their tutors go to work and don’t die for it.

But when spoiled things start to appear in the house, broken objects or “necessities” scattered on the floor, the case changes. Punishing the Shih Tzu will only make the situation worse, adding more stress to this whole situation that the Shih Tzu has already accumulated by being alone.

What stress can affect your Shih Tzu’s health

The main problem with going out is that Shih Tzu doesn’t know if our absence is temporary. Closing the door and heading out to work is a normal experience for us, but it can be very stressful for the animals left behind.

Stress and anxiety can trigger a number of behaviors that we naturally don’t want them to have, such as incessant barking (possible neighborhood problems), “needs” in undesirable places, gnawing on furniture, rummaging through trash, licking themselves incessantly (causing wounds), among others.

Your Shih Tzu will probably never appreciate the idea of ​​being alone, however, with a few tips you can significantly reduce the problem. Check below Learn methods to leave your shih Tzu alone at home.

Get used to the Shih Tzu little by little

If your Shih Tzu isn’t used to being alone, it’s a good idea to start getting used to it little by little. Try leaving the house for 5 minutes, coming back, leaving for another 15 or 30 minutes, and coming back again. This little training helps the Shih Tzu understand that you leave, but come back, and with that reduce anxiety.

Also try to promote some periods of silence and detachment during the day, for the Shih Tzu to get used to it and realize that there is no harm in this.

Don’t let your Shih Tzu associate isolation with punishment

Since your Shih Tzu will be alone during your absence, he should not associate this isolation with something bad or punishing. On the contrary. By associating isolation with good things or at least something natural, you will be more at ease.

A nice morning walk

A good walk with some exercise in the morning can go a long way. The energy spent on a walk or a run will no longer be spent at home during your absence, you will probably be calmer.

Of course, the amount of exercise must be considered on a case-by-case basis: is the shih Tzu still young or not? Do you have any health problems? It’s very hot? All this must be taken into account and in case of doubt, your veterinarian can help.

Devalue the farewell and the return

Don’t say goodbye when you leave, or throw (or let it be) a big party when you return. Separation and reunion should be normal habits, not an event. If you give it a lot of attention immediately before going out, your shih Tzu may associate that attention with something bad (it will be alone).

Likewise, if you give your shih Tzu a lot of attention when you first arrive, it will increase the shih-tzu’s anxiety the next time you leave, looking forward to your return and the extra attention you receive.

Leave things for your Shih Tzu to do

It is common to read reports of tutors who arrived at home and saw an object destroyed, but in fact, did not leave any toys at the disposal of the Shih Tzu to distract him. Put some toys around the house before you go out (balls, dolls, bones to play with) so that your Shih Tzu has something to do during the hours he is alone.

You can even hide some toys in accessible places so that the shih Tzu can discover them, but that forces him to look first, stimulating him physically and mentally.

Music, maestro!

You don’t need to play Beethoven’s 9th symphony at home, but a simple television on, with the light background noise of the programs, helps to combat loneliness. Choose a channel or a set of calm shows, like nature documentaries or, there you have it, classical music. Alternatively, a simple radio on is better than nothing.

A sign of your presence, even absent

Your shih Tzu’s separation anxiety will be less if it has access to something of your own, with your scent — for example, an item of clothing you’ve recently worn.

a companion

Two shih Tzus are better distracted than a shih Tzu alone. Of course, the decision to add a new shih Tzu to your family must take into account many factors besides loneliness, but it is still an idea to consider.

Talk to your vet and ask if it would be a good idea to add a new shih Tzu to what you already have and what you should be looking for in the new companion (in terms of size, gender, energy, or temperament).

The last thing we want is to end up with an incompatibility situation, bad for us and also for the shih Tzu.

Common Mistakes People Do When They Leave Shih Tzu Alone At Home

Just like humans, Shih Tzus also experience boredom. Carolina Rocha, a veterinary doctor specializing in animal behavior, warns that leaving the same toy with the Shih Tzu until the product spoils is one of the most common mistakes made by owners.

“Novelty is a very important factor, so it’s interesting to do a rotation of toys every month”, she points out. The expert also lists the most common mistakes when leaving the Shih Tzu alone at home:

1- Silent house

When going out, leave the radio or television turned on to a channel you are regularly tuned to.

2- Darkness

Keep lighting points at home, either with natural light or the lamps on.

3- Poorly ventilated environment

If he stays in a room in the house all day, leave windows ajar to circulate the air.

4- Not enjoying moments

If you work close to home, keep your Shih Tzu company for at least 10 minutes at lunchtime.

5- Entire house available

To keep your Shih Tzu indoors, it is best to close the bedroom and kitchen doors to restrict access.

Scientists Reveal What Shih Tzu Feel When Left Alone at Home

Few Shih Tzu owners like to leave their pets alone at home. But most have no idea how Shih Tzus feel when they are alone.

What does Shih Tzus feel when they are alone at home?

Previous research from the University of Bristol has shown that pedigree dogs experience more separation anxiety.

Two leading canine behavior experts have revealed how dogs react to isolation.

The first few minutes of isolation are the most stressful for a dog, according to the researchers.

For some Shih Tzu, the torment lasts for hours.

According to the doctor. Emily Blackwell is an expert in human-animal reactions at the University of Bristol. Dogs know when their owners are leaving.

They learn about things that are routine before leaving. For example, putting things in the bag, picking up keys, or putting on shoes and coat. At this point, they start to get stressed.

Alice Potter, a pet scientist at the RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told MailOnline: “The separation reaction is displayed shortly after the owner leaves, often within the first few minutes, and can extend for up to 30 minutes”.

According to experts, the most common signs related to separation are destructive behaviors and various types of vocalizations (howling, barking, and whimpering), as well as defecating and urinating.

Other less frequent signs include excessive salivation, self-mutilation, repetitive behavior, and vomiting.

The reaction in the next few hours of solitude will depend on the personality of each Shih Tzu.

Some can spend hours walking up and down waiting for their owners to come back. These dogs are often tired, and when the owner returns, they settle down to sleep.
Work traveling the world for free to take care of animals, do you want to?

Some demonstrate their anxiety by constantly howling, with only short pauses to hear if the owner is coming back.

Previous research from the University of Bristol has shown that pedigree dogs experience more separation anxiety.

It’s important not to punish your Shih Tzu if he soiled the house or destroyed something while you were away.

He will be more likely to relax when left alone if he has been fed and exercised before the separation.

Miss Potter said there are four simple steps you can take to help your Shih Tzu cope with your absence.

1- Encourage your Shih Tzu to go to his bed or another place he likes to stay. Stay there with him for a short while. Give him a reward for remaining quiet there. After he gets used to this action, move on to the second.

2-Encourage him to stay in that same place again, but now you are slowly moving away, then return and, if he stayed in the same place, give him a reward.

Research proves that Shih Tzus consider their owners as parents

3-Repeat the same process and increase the time and distance according to Shih Tzu’s reaction. If he reacts or moves, then don’t give a reward, but go back to the previous stage.

4-Now you will walk away and start going out the door before returning. He walks away, goes out the door, waits for a little, and returns. Increase the period of time he stays away and always gives him a reward when he waits in place.

OBS: Shih Tzu are extremely intelligent animals, some may take a little longer to assimilate learning, but everyone can. Just be patient. it’s worth a try, for our Shih Tzu’s sake, they don’t deserve to suffer from the absence of their beloved parents.

Learn To Leave Your Shih Tzu Alone At Home

How difficult it is for you to have to go out and not be able to take your dog. And having to leave a dog alone at home is not such an easy task, as dogs get very attached to their owners. There are breeds of dogs that are used to being alone when you are not away. I’m going to show you, the 5 breeds of dogs that are used to being alone at home.

Being calm and docile, the Shih-Tzu can adapt to solitude. As long as you’re used to it as a puppy. Otherwise, he won’t want to be alone at home.

Let’s go to the 3 Tips to leave your dog alone. Before choosing a dog, analyze its routine.

Anyone who spends a lot of time outside the house should think carefully about whether or not to have a dog. Know that when you are out for the day, you need to make up for your furry friend by spending quality time with him, taking him for a walk, and playing with him. Are you willing to invest your time to make your dog happy? He will do the same for you!

We were all very sad to leave our dogs alone at home. But in most places, pets are not accepted.

When you leave your dog alone, first of all, go for a walk with him around the block, for him you feel happy because after all, every dog ​​likes a walk, this will also make him a little tired. When you get home, start getting ready, but don’t pay attention to your dog to be able to leave the weather he wants to be alone.

Don’t give him much space to walk around lock the kitchen room door, leave a toy he likes. It is also good if you leave the radio or TV on, they are distracted by the sound that will make him not feel alone. Never leave sharp objects and hygiene and beauty products within reach of your dog

Whenever you are going to be away from home for a period, enrich the environment. Leave the bed in a comfortable place, hide treats and create an environment that encourages activities for your dog, so he won’t have time to miss you.

There are several pet products available on the market to alleviate the lack of owners, and so your dog ends up getting used to being alone at home. Some toys hide treats, which are released throughout the day, making your dog stay happy and always active even in your absence. half like a little ball, this will make him distracted for a long time before he can reach the treat…this process is called behavioral enrichment and it works very well.

Leave clothes or any fabric with your scent in strategic places in the house, so that he finds it and with that he is calm, the tendency is that he stays very close to the cloth taking care of him as if he were close to you.

The important thing is to gradually get used to leaving home. Start by going out for 5 minutes, then 10,15,20,30, and so on. So he will get used to your leaving, and they will end your routine and soon understand that you will return home. These tips worked with my dogs and also friends’ dogs, at first it won’t be easy. Sooner you will notice that your dog will be used to being alone.

If none of this helps, look for a trainer, who will surely have all the resources for your dog to be alone at home and happy!

4 Ways to Reward Your Shih Tzu Who Spent All Day Alone

When we get back from work, we can’t let fatigue stop us from spending time with our shih tzu. Of course, we would love to spend the whole day with our shih tzu, but it is not always possible.

Unfortunately, it is very common for shih tzus to be alone during the day because we go to work or study. And that’s exactly why we should enjoy every second with our best friend.

Here are 4 ways to reward your shih tzu for your absence during the day:

Don’t let tiredness be an excuse not to play with your shih tzu. Don’t forget that he was waiting for you for several hours and missed you.

Shih Tzu Running with ball

Walking and socializing with the shih tzu

Walking is something very important in the life of a shih tzu and if you can take him to a park so he can have contact with other dogs, that’s even better.

Teach your shih tzu a new trick

If your shih tzu spends many hours alone, he needs a mental boost when you get home. Teaching a new trick will fill that role and make you more connected to each other.

Pamper your shih tzu with toys

Of course, we’re not talking about buying your shih tzu’s love but giving him good reasons to have fun. Play with your shih tzu. In addition, these toys will also be used by the shih tzu when alone.

Take some time just for you

It’s no use saying that watching TV lying on the couch with your shih tzu is spending time with him. Take 15 minutes to dedicate all your attention to your shih tzu, to play and/or walk.