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5+ Signs Your Shih Tzu Is Cold

What to Do to Protect When Your Shih Tzu Feels Cold – Does Your SHIH TZU Feel Cold? The oldest believed that animals used to sleeping in the open do not feel cold like us humans.

Well… There is no way to compare, we have different organisms with different weather protection features…

But the fact is that animals, including your SHIH TZU, do feel cold. And some breeds, in particular, may need the care to stay warm and healthy during the winter.

Does your SHIH TZU feel cold (See the Signs)

1- Shih Tzu with cold paws
Check the temperature of the paws, if he is well the paws will be warm.

2- Shih Tzu with the tips of the ears
A simple indicator that your Shih Tzu is overexposed to the cold is the tip of the ears. Whether short or long, if they are cold, warm them up immediately.

3- He looks for human warmth
In general, Shih Tzus love to be close to us but notice if he is looking to snuggle with you all the time, it’s a sign of cold.

4- Sleep curled up
They like to sleep like that, but when they’re cold they curl up, even more, forming a little ball. They do this to retain body heat.

5- Spend more time sleeping
Once the dog finds a way to warm up and falls asleep, he doesn’t want to leave anytime soon. It’s not much different from us humans, right?

7 tips for when your Shih Tzu feels cold

If possible, do not cough
If you usually shave your Shih Tzu’s coat for an aesthetic reason, avoid shaving in the colder periods.

They will have natural heating and will be less dependent on clothes and blankets to feel comfortable.

Strengthen the sleeping area
Some blankets hold the heat better, this is the case with those fluffy microfiber blankets that are so easy to find. Line their bed or the place they like to spend most of their time.

Get your Shih Tzu out of the cold
It is not safe for dogs of any size to sleep outside during the winter. If you can’t welcome him in your house, make sure he’s protected from the wind in his own little house.

Change your tour routine
Choose the time when the weather is less aggressive to walk your Shih Tzu. Going for a walk too early in the morning or at night can harm you and your best friend’s health.

Reinforce meals
This is the part that your dog will love: increase the amount of food a little so that he replaces the energy expenditure, which is greater in the cold.

Flu shot
It is very important to keep your Shih Tzu vaccinated against canine flu. Protection is annual and prevents problems arising from the flu and colds that can be much more serious, such as pneumonia, for example.

If you follow all these tips to the letter, your Shih Tzu will be much more protected and you will be able to enjoy the winter with peace of mind!