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40+ Of The Worst Hilarious Sunburns On The Internet

In this article, we will see some of the worst kinds of sunburns that people have had to go through.

This sunburnt definitely looks like a painful one.

This man probably wanted this to happen and is enjoying it.

The results of trying to put sunscreen on your back by yourself.

This is why you should not wear a cap backward.

In this case, sunburn is not the problem, that bat signal is.

Yet another superhero who spent quite some time under the sun.

This is what happens when you joke around like you have a bikini.

This is why you should stop wearing bandanas under the burning sun.

I guess we all know his favorite band now.

You better avoid wearing sandals under the sun.

At least he is laughing it off.

Can you guess what he was wearing? Was it sleeves only?

The sunburn is so bad he looks like he was baked.

Another sunburnt that looks extremely painful.

We can tell he is a fan of V-neck T-shirts.

That must have been a cute bikini. But it left a painful mark.

Well, we can tell by his face that he is not a fan.

This sunburnt looks just like a tattoo and it is quite beautiful.

At least they are in this together.

That cap did not do so well after all.

That looks like such a tasteful sunburn.

Try not to fall asleep while your hand is resting on your belly.

This sunburn can only be called a masterpiece.

It almost doesn’t look like a sunburn but like a painted surface.

Needless to say, he was not happy about it.

Remember to throw the trash away before falling asleep under the sun.

We hope it was worth it. Did she say yes?

Looks like the tattoo was not happy either.

Trying to be Superman. The only thing missing is the blue.

Here is another reason why people hate crocs.

You should know there is a cost for safety.

Isn’t this sunburn similar to the Polish Flag?

Here is an example of a man who doesn’t care what he looks like.

An interesting way to express your talent in the arts.

That is not an easy burn to handle. Good thing this guy is laughing it off.

He clearly has interesting friends.

That is not a pink t-shirt.

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