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3 Men Approach 77YO Grandmother At ATM, Immediately Realize They Have Chosen The Wrong Person To Rob

This story is not a rare case. Thefts near ATMs have become frequent recently. Many people see theft as the easiest option and this is one of those cases. But you will say, why do young men choose to steal money from a grandmother? Winifred Peel is the 77-year-old who saved her money from some bad thieves.

Grandmothers are very dear to us. They take care of the house, their jobs, and their grandchildren. Grandmothers, even though they are soft and sweet, sometimes become very fierce to protect what belongs to them.


But if you want to worry the grandmothers, don’t even try. Something unforeseeable happened to the three thieves who tried to steal the elderly woman.

Winifred Peel from Wirral had stopped by an ATM one day to withdraw money. But she saw three young men who were behind her. She was trying to insert her card when she felt a man approach her. As she was trying to load the card a man pressed the button to withdraw £200 from the elderly woman’s account.

The grandmother realized that the men were trying to rob her.

They thought that the old woman had no strength to react. They thought it would be easy to steal the woman’s money and run away. But Mrs. Peel realized that they planned to take her money and thought to react quickly.

She grabbed one of the thieves by the shirt and hit him with the head of the ATM several times. The other men ran away while Peel immediately called the police. The thieves were arrested very quickly. or

They admitted that they wanted to take the old woman’s money. 2 young men, 18 years old and one 19 years old, were sentenced to prison. This was not the first time they stole. They had stolen money, wallets, phones, etc. The police congratulated the elderly woman who managed to defend herself and caught the wanted thieves.

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