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27 YO Mom Gave Birth To Baby So Big That Took 2 People To Lift Him

Amy Smit is a 27-year-old mom who gave birth to a baby who weighed twice as much as the average weight of baby boys.

His mother, Amy, said that her baby was so huge that it actually took two people to lift him. 

This happened on 25th May, in Cheddington, Buck, where Amy gave birth to her baby Zagrys. The birth was not a natural one but it was via a Cesarean.

Zagrys, also known as Zeik, weighed 12lbs and was tall about two feet. 

It was almost impossible for baby Zeik to fit into the weighing scales at the hospital. The first encounter with their newborn was shocking for the new parent.

During the pregnancy and the various scans they had done, they had seen and knew already that Zeik was going to be a tall baby, but what they did not know was how much he was going to weigh.

The baby was way too long and too wide to fit into the scales. The weight of the average baby is about 7lb, Zac on the other hand weighed 12 lb. 

Since the parents knew that he was going to be tall, they bought clothes for 3 months old babies, but they didn’t fit either. Zac needed clothes for even bigger babies, for 9 months old babies. 

What is surprising for Amy, is that she did not fancy any meals when she was pregnant and she almost had no appetite.

This got her wondering how much bigger her baby would have been if she has eaten more during the pregnancy. 

The couple hoped Zac will become a rugby player when he grows up.

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