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26 Pictures of Obscene Luxury From Dubai

Sometimes we think that Dubai is quite a distant world, but how can we explain that there are many things we can find only there?

We collected some pictures from Dubai to share with you.

A gold PlayStation, cause why not?

A simple Jacuzzi amidst the clouds.

Spaceship on the road, or just a normal night in Dubai?

Normal pets.

Trying to get his master’s attention. Just a normal day there.

A home decoration of 350,000 Pound Gold Bar.

A normal autostop.

Did you call for a taxi?

Fashionable Starbucks.

Gold teeth.

They make everything in gold there.

Which is more expensive the car or the license plate?

A regular police car.

A canvas for children’s drawings.

A normal day shopping for gold.

Every room with its own aquarium.

The most exotic means of transport.

Any type of passenger is allowed.

The heaviest golden ring in the world.

Camel milk chocolate.

Just a normal mermaid show there.

Or you can be a dolphin.

Oh the bills, wait for a second…

Urinal units with touchscreen.

Just a normal floating villa.

The best place for kayaking.