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25YO Teacher Arrested For Raping Student After Mother Found Pictures In Boy’s Phone

 A mother experienced a big disappointment when she saw that her son was exchanging intimate pictures with his teacher. 

The teacher was 25 years old and raped a 15-year-old student when she used to teach at a middle school in Kentucky.

Her name was Alexandria Allen. She was put in jail for this and was charged with three accusations and counts rape of third-degree. 

The crime was reported by the mother of the violated student.

She found pictures of the teacher on her son’s phone. They were intimate pictures and videos. 

The mother was disappointed and disgusted because a teacher is someone who is supposed to help her students and not violate them.

The student admitted that he and the teacher had had intercourse.

It had happened three times in a time span of eight months in different locations.

The teacher, Allen, pleaded not guilty to the charges she was being accused with.

Her bond was set at the price of $2500.

She was arrested and may still face other additional charges. 

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