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25+ Pics Unfiltered Depiction of How True Love Looks Like Through Artworks

Being in love is a wonderful feeling that people who are lucky get to experience. The artist Amanda Oleander, has shared her art with us and showed us what true love looks like to her. 

Here are 25 pictures of Amanda’s amazing art:

1. We need to normalize that true love means loving and accepting your partner for everything, and that means the wanted and unwanted parts. 

2. One way to boost your mood is to smell your partner’s hair.

3. A beautiful way to bond even more with your partner is to eat together. 

4. Try adding some fun to your relationship by cherishing the goofy moments with your loved one.

5. When you love someone even the little and simple things give you joy when you do them together.

6. It makes you feel the happiest when you give those endless hugs that show just how much you love each other. 

7. Something that will give you more time to connect is cooking together. 

8. It is important to show your selflessness by doing favors for one another.

9. If you truly love someone means you can accept the little inconveniences like having your partner’s hair in your face while you sleep.

10. To make things more exciting you can bring food to each other with no need for expensive gifts.

11. If you suddenly feel bored, remember that a good way to treat each other is a midnight snack.

12. Talking about anything is one of the best therapies. It is even more intimate if we are talking about late night talks.

13. The best kiss is undoubtedly the forehead kiss. It makes your partner feel valued and also respected.

14. Sharing a moment with your significant other is the best feeling in the world. It is even better when accompanied with a warm hug.

15. It is priceless when you connect with each other and both learn new things. It is a good way to challenge the respective beliefs and ideas. 

16. There are always difficult times but know that it is just another moment that will bring you closer to each other. 

17. At some point you will question yourself what you did to deserve this amazing person by your side and it will make you cry because of happiness. 

18. You complement each other and the best medicine you could have is the random stares that you give each other that are proof of the big love you have.

19. Helping one another is also proof of true love and it means growing together.

20. When love is real and honest, there is nothing that can come between you.

21. It is important to note that man can sometimes be vulnerable so you need to make sure to always be there for him. 

23. The best blessing one can have is that of becoming a parent. It is challenging but a big reward. 

24. Looking at the pictures of your baby with your partner sure helps make your bond stronger.

25. When you have each other’s support, everything becomes easier, also building a family, that is a very challenging process. 

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