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25+ Hilarious Differences Mom Vs. Dad’s Parenting Styles

We discuss all the time that women and men come from different planets. We prove this theory once again with mothers’ and fathers’ reactions to similar situations with their children.

Look at these funny stories that represent how different our parents are.

Mom’s Instagram Vs. Dad’s Instagram.

Me when dad is visiting Vs. when mom is visiting.

Going home late.

Oh yes, as it should be.

Dads never complicate things.

When dad says no V.s when mom says no.

They appreciate the beauty in their own way.

He always has an answer.

Mom Vs. Dad pre-race text.

Mom seeing sales Vs. Dad seeing sales

Everyone is a threat.

Building legos with mum Vs. building legos with dad.

Dad’s hurricane advice Vs. Mom’s hurricane advice.

When mom is wrapping presents Vs. When dad is wrapping presents.

I said I am staying with my friend tonight.

Mom taking photos Vs. Dad taking photos.

Going to the doctor.

Mom going grocery shopping Vs. Dad going grocery shopping.

Oh, who’s easier to deal with…

My parents watching me.

Mom’s cooking Vs. Dad’s cooking.

Jocking with mom Vs. Jocking with dad.

Texting mom when I am in class Vs. texting dad when I am in class.

Mom snaps Vs. Dad snaps.

Sent a video to my parents while I was jumping on my bed.