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20+ People Who Wanted to Look Stunning on Social Media But Failed Hilariously

It has become very common in today’s world to post pictures that are retouched and photoshopped.

Not only celebrities but also people who do not have a new obsession with photoshopping their pictures because they want to look perfect.

In this article, we will see some examples of the big difference that exists between photoshopped pictures and not photoshopped.

1- Do you think it’s possible to breathe through that nose?

2- Apparently this guy loves photoshop a little too much.

3- This photographer is probably getting fired for posting this.

4- My future will probably never be this bright.

5- At least the truth was revealed.

6- The moles are the only thing that gives it up.

7- Well she said there is no difference between her in real life and the photos but I disagree.

8- This is a case of pure photoshop.

9- One thing is to photoshop pictures but this guy also photoshops his YouTube videos.

10- Look at the difference between her pictures and her photos.

11- The only way to recognize this young lady is if she is wearing costumes in real life.

12- I think he eventually is not this brutal.

13- Can you believe this person is running for mayor?

14- If you ask me she doesn’t even need photoshop.

15- Is it raining or is it not, cuz I see some hair that is not wet.

16- Is that a different person?

17- Here is another example of no need to photoshop.

18- I see the same person, no way they are mother and daughter.

19- These tagged photos look a lot different.

20- This is a good example of the difference between Instagram and Reality

21- Well, I do believe in the power that makeup and photoshop hold.

22- When you are not ashamed to post pictures on your bad days.

What do you think of photoshopping your photos and videos
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