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20+ People Who Learned About Karma the Hard Way

You cannot avoid jerks, regardless of how hard you try. We all encounter them in one way or another. Karma decides to act back on them and does exactly what you wish could have happened.

We are sure that these images are going to make you feel better.

Regardless of how hard you try and avoid jerks you are always likely to encounter one.

When karma decides to step in and do exactly what you wish you could have done and didn’t.

Well then seeing images like these will make you feel  that bit better…

This event is really fun and it could go on forever.

What can he do now? Can you use it again?

This way, you can keep your pizza warm and enjoy it later, or you cannot?

When you leave the dog in the car, he might have a little surprise for you…

Not fun at all, but he decided to go for it.

Would he try the same thing again? He might have been very angry with his ex owner.

You had not thought of it, but it comes back to you as it should. One of the best acts of karma.

Wait a minute, do you know what is happening or are you just a little bit confused?

Mayor Salter? This is the best comeback ever.

Yeah Mugshots… They have to pay now so their mugshots can be removed, or we may just leave them forever online.

Pick the house you are breaking into wisely, or you won’t have a second chance…

Happy dogs or angry driver? They may have done the right thing there.

Plans falling apart. He got the spirit, but used the wrong formula.

Be careful! Do not forget, Karma may hit you back!

Where is the trash can, guys?

This is just a big win for her.

This is pure evilness.

This is what you get when you park in front of the dumpies.

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