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17+ Famous Moms Whose Bodies Became Even More Gorgeous After Childbirth

All women know from their experience in life what is like to gain weight after childbirth. It is true that this doesn’t involve all women. Some of them do whatever they can to put up with extra pounds and keep their body in form.

It is difficult to bring the body back to the initial condition without a little sacrifice, but some have made it and are enjoying juicy shapes and curves.

For example, Christina Aguilera looks completely different after two kids, and she isn’t the only one. We have compiled a list of celebrity moms who love themselves and their new bodies after having kids.

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We at Bright Side got inspired by celebrity moms who love themselves in their new bodies and now catch admiring looks from everyone around them.

Christina Aguilera after 2 kids.

Alyson Hannigan after 2 kids.

Jennifer Love Hewitt after 3 kids.

Kirsten Dunst after 2 kids.

Helena Bonham Carter after 2 kids.

Meghan Markle after 2 kids.

Gemma Ward after 3 kids.

Jessica Alba after 3 kids.

Beyoncé after 3 kids.

Jessica Simpson after 3 kids.

Ciara after 3 kids.

Liv Tyler after 3 kids.

Chrissy Teigen after 2 kids.

Christina Ricci after 2 kids.

Tori Spelling after 5 kids.

Kate Hudson after 3 kids.

Mariah Carey after 2 kids.

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