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15+ Strange And Surreal Forgotten Places

In this article, you will find some mysterious and forgotten places that you have not heard of before. In some places, no one has stepped on it for centuries. These are hotels, buildings, houses, hospitals, or abandoned villages. These places have been forgotten for a very long time.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, USA

This may seem like a scary place, and it really is. This is one of the most expensive prisons in the world. This prison stands out for its unusual architecture. Although it was a luxurious prison, discipline and punishments were strict. Al Capone was kept in this prison. The prison has now turned into a historical monument and is visited by local tourists.

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, USA The abandoned Lee Plaza Hotel is located in Detroit.

This was an important and famous hotel, but very quickly it lost its luster. This was caused by the economic situation and the riots in Detroit. Many people left the city. Now, this hotel is totally abandoned.

Winchester Mystery House, California, the USA

As the house of mystery is otherwise called, this building contains an endless and dangerous labyrinth inside. The Winchester Mystery House was built by Sarah Winchester who was paranoid. The building was started in 1884. The building has many rooms that were destroyed by the earthquake. Today, the house of mystery attracts many visitors.

Bodie Ghost Town, California, USA

This building became the meeting place of the rich. Important millionaires gathered here. In 1890 riots started, which caused the building to be closed.

Varosha, Cyprus

This is a building from the 1970s. It used to corrode cars and housed the most expensive stores of the time. Now the neighborhood of Varosha has been emptied due to the Turkish occupation.

Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

This hotel located in North Korea consists of 105 floors. The construction of the hotel stopped 5 years after the start construction. However, the construction started again in 2008. But it is not sure if its construction will be completed.

San Juan ParangaricuTiro, Michoacán, Mexico

The village where the church tower is located today is abandoned and destroyed. This was also affected by the eruption of the volcano. Tourists who see it as a tourist attraction go here. 8 Kalyazin, Russia
Today it is a ruined place 75 meters above sea level, but once it was a real civilization. The city was destroyed in 1939 when it was flooded.

ZKP Tagansky, Moscow, Russia

This country had a great influence during the Cold War. Its height is 7000 meters and it is located in Russia. This country also faced a major nuclear attack.

Presidio Modelo, Cuba

In 1926 the dictator Gerardo Machado decided to build the Presidio Modelo. The purpose of this place was to monitor everything, being an invisible place. In addition, Fidel Castro was imprisoned in this country.

Maunsell Forts, Kent, England

The towers were built in the open sea in 1942. These towers were built during the Second World War. In 1950, the towers were cemented, but a part was reoccupied.

Cherokee Nuclear Power Plant, South Carolina, USA

This place was created to shoot the movie The Abyss. However, the project failed and was finally closed in 2007. But sources indicate that a new power plant can be built in this area.

Pripyat, Ukraine

This city was destroyed during the World War during the Chornobyl explosion. The city was destroyed and emptied very quickly. But the population left the city, and they never returned to this city. This is evidence of a war disaster.

Battleship Island, Japan

This is an interesting place that attracts the attention of tourists. This labyrinth built in the country is otherwise called the island of military ships. Old photos and remaining parts of ships can be found here. There are also interesting items such as shoes, books, and clothing left over from the early period.

Beelitz Military Hospital, Berlin

This building looks mysterious but scary at the same time. In 1990, this hospital went out of operation. German soldiers were sheltered and not only. There are medical waste, medicine bottles, medical tools, and used needles. Photographers are passionate about this place.

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