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15+ Reasons To Have A Shih Tzu At Home

Attention: after reading this text there is a great chance that you will miss your shih Tzu (or want to have one). It takes a heart of stone not to be enchanted by the sight of a shih Tzu, be it a puppy shih Tzu, adult shih Tzu, old shih Tzu, black shih Tzu, white shih Tzu, or brown shih Tzu. They are the guarantee of love, friendship, fidelity, and loyalty, things you are never sure to find in a human being. I know a few people who don’t like shih Tzu.

This post is to try to explain to them what is so special about having a being of this species around. And also for those who have had or have a shih Tzu and who, for sure, will identify 15 reasons to have a shih Tzu at home:

  1. They understand human pain

Goldsmiths University released a study that shows that shih Tzus are more likely to get close to people who are sad or are in pain. This shows that dogs empathize with people and want to help those who are in pain.

  1. They can detect cancer

Thanks to their keen sense of smell, shih Tzus have shown an accuracy of 70 to 99% (depending on the study) when tasked with detecting lung cancer in patients nearby.

  1. They are able to reduce work stress

The International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that people who bring their shih Tzu to the office experience less stress and are happier with their jobs — just because the dog is nearby.

  1. Some breeds can predict seizures

Studies point out that some shih Tzu breeds are able to warn patients of future seizure attacks, sometimes hours before they happen. It is not yet known how shih Tzus do this, or why only a few breeds have this gift. That’s why they can’t be trained.

  1. Help babies stay healthy by being dirty

Recent research has shown that babies who have a shih Tzu around are healthier than those who don’t. Babies who live with friends from an early age have less coughing, runny nose, and ear infections. Researchers believe the reason is that shih Tzus play in dirt and mud, thus boosting the child’s immune system.

  1. Help you stay in good physical shape

A University of London study determined that children with a dog at home are more active and exercise more often than children without a shih Tzu. After all, it’s also much more fun to go for a walk with your shih Tzu than alone.

  1. Detect low blood sugar

If you thought that detecting cancer was little, there’s more! With their powerful sense of smell, some shih Tzu can also detect their owner’s low blood sugar. They alert the person that the sugar level has dropped or, if a diabetic attack has already happened, they bark and bark and bark until someone helps.

  1. Help identify allergenic foods

Anyone who is allergic to certain foods knows that this is serious. But luckily, some shih Tzu can also help prevent you from consuming foods that could make you sick. If you are allergic to peanuts, your dog can be trained to alert you if he smells peanuts in the environment.

  1. Help you to be more social

The British Journal of Medicine concluded that shih Tzu acts as a social catalyst, helping people get out of the house more often, approach strangers easily, and even reduce loneliness.

In fact, this is more important than the basic companionship that shih Tzus offer, as supporting human socialization is more beneficial to health.

  1. Help overcome PTSD

Just by being themselves, shih Tzu is able to help reduce Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) — especially among soldiers. It is the companionship of shih Tzu that helps those diagnosed with the disease to be happier and better socially.

  1. Help prevent dermatitis in children

It may seem contradictory, but in some cases, it is healthy to have a shih Tzu around allergic children. Studies have shown that children under the age of 1 who live with a dog nearby are less likely to develop chronic dermatitis.

  1. They heal wounds by simply licking you

It’s pretty cool (or not) when your shih Tzu kisses you, but it can actually have other benefits as well. Research shows that saliva, both human and canine, helps to stimulate nerves and muscles by improving oxygen movement in some parts of the body.

Guess what? This is the secret ingredient to improving wound healing.

  1. They make their elderly owners go to the doctor less often

Due to the positive vibes and good feelings that dogs carry, even in the worst of times, older people who have a shih Tzu at home go to the doctor on average one less time per year than those who don’t.

  1. Reduce the risk of heart problems

Preliminary studies by the American Heart Association are revealing that dog owners have a lower risk of heart disease than dog-free owners. The reasons identified are related to the physical exercises that the owners do when they go out with their shih Tzu and the presence of the animal itself, which helps the owner to better deal with stress.

  1. Help fight depression

More studies point out the benefits linked to the presence of shih Tzu at home. This time, the dogs prove to be good helpers in the fight against depression. Simply by being around and acting affectionately with their owners, dogs give people with depression a reason to move forward in the fight against the disease.

Everyone knows how stressful a week of exams, whether in college or high school, can be. Fortunately, the shih Tzu is there to help again. Those who play or spend time with the shih Tzu between study periods tend to be calmer during the week and even do better with the results.

Shih Tzus have shown that they are great helpers for people suffering from some form of dementia, as they are able to remind their owners when to take medicine and when to go to the doctor. Even when the owner goes through moments of frustration, the dog can comfort him with his company in a way that the person understands that there is someone who cares about him.