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15+ Photos That Clearly Explain Why There Are So Many Perfect People on the Internet

  1. Do not take photos after waking up, this is the first Instagram model rule.

2. If you do so, you will look totally different.

3. Body looks better before breakfast.

4. To make your hair look great, all you need is the right angle.

5. Makeup makes a great difference.

6. Find the right angle, a good light, and a smile.

7. Do you share your real workout photos?

8. Sometimes, black and white seems better.

9. Just cover non-ideal body parts.

10. If you are not trying gym, you can try Photoshop.

11. Another great example.

12. Men have same interests too.

13. They also like traveling.

14. Girls like traveling too.

15. You can even add other things.

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