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15+ Celebrity Fails That Just Made Them Laugh

We all know that we can’t be immune to awkward moments in public. Even celebrities can experience these moments too. From stumbling on the flat ground to having a broken shoe heel, or having a skirt lift up in the wind.

Some people think about these moments all the time, while others can turn them into a joke and share them with friends. We collected some awkward situations and how did celebrities manage them.

Elizabeth Olsen used her purse right on the spot when she was met by the wind gusts.

Jennifer Garner managed to keep her balance and smile after she almost fell at the Oscars afterparty.

Marion Cotillard continued to walk the red carpet as if nothing happened.

Model Ming Xi falls and continues to smile.

Britney tried not to drop something and her facial expression is amazing.

Jessica Chastain can pose even in strong winds.

Jennifer Lopez’s smiled and didn’t give attention to her dress even though it came apart at the seams in front of the camera.

Zachary Quinto walked the red carpet proudly even though his makeup artist let him down.

Behati Prinsloo was helped by Adam Levine while she almost lost her dress.

Helen Mirren almost fell while she got tangled in the skirt of her dress.

Gigi Hadid strutted barefoot while her shoe heel broke before coming out on the runway.

Jessica Simpson laughed after her heel got stuck in a rain grill.

Paris Hilton wasn’t bothered after coming to a show wearing different shoes.

Tom Hanks was asked to take a photo with this baby, and they tried to find common ground.

Jennifer Lawrence fell on the stairs but laughed at it and got up confidently.

In fact, some situations want a friend’s advice.

Did you have any awkward situations? Tell us about them.