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15+ Amazing Vaseline Uses You Wish You Knew Before

Vaseline or known as petroleum jelly is present in all our households. Here you can find some very interesting ways to use it.

No more lipstick on teeth
If you put a small amount of vaseline in your teeth you can avoid getting lipstick on them.

Healthier hair
You can bring life back to your hair by putting a small amount of vaseline in the ends of your hair.

Glue Threads
In order to remove them easily, you can put Vaseline in the threads of glue tubes or any other screw cap.

Polish your leather stuff with vaseline to keep its luster longer

Hair dye
When dying your hair, apply vaseline to your forehead and ears to avoid them from getting dyed.

Before spraying your perfume, put some vaseline on your skin to make the perfume last longer.

Gum remover
Vaseline can be used to remove chewing gum from under the table of any other type of wooden shelf, by rubbing it until the gum is removed.

Ring remover
Remove your rings easier by applying vaseline to your finger.

No more diaper rash
Apply some vaseline on the skin of the baby to prevent it from getting a rash.

No more tears during shower
To protect your kid from having tears from the shampoo, apply some vaseline to their eyebrows.

No more Water Rings
If you put some vaseline on your furniture and let it overnight, it will prevent the creation of water rings by glasses.

More Birthday Candle
To make your favorite birthday candle last longer, then dip it in Vaseline.

No more Ants
Protect the food of your pets from ants by applying vaseline around their bowl.

Car Battery
Apply vaseline to your battery to prevent it from corrosion.

No more cracked heels
Apply vaseline to your heels and your feet if you want to keep them smooth and soft.

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