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14 Times Celebrities Shared Their “Imperfect” Photos and Reminded Us It’s Time to Put an End to Body Shaming

We all know and expect celebrities to look flawless and perfect, but in fact they are humans just as we are.

Celebrities can not even walk out of their homes without wearing makeup or without taking care about their outfits as much as they can.

If they fail to do one thing or another, surely news headlines won’t forget.

On the other hand there are celebrities who do not care as much as others to be flawless and perfect.

They chose to post less perfect photos on social media and let their guard down.

It is true that beauty comes from inside, and accepting your body as it is.

It is up to you to comment what you think about this choice.

Julia Michaels

Ashley Graham


Brooklyn Decker

Lourdes Leon

Vanessa Williams

Bekah Martinez

Jennifer Lopez

Chrissy Teigen

Amy Schumer

Cindy Crawford

Jessica Simpson

Jennifer Garner and Juliette Lewis

Sarah Hyland

What are your opinions on this? Should celebrities publish more real photographs? Did you ever share any photos of yourself with your “flaws” on social media? Tell us in the comments on Facebook.