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13 Things Your Tongue Is Trying To Confess About Your Health

Our brain transmits signals to our body regarding health problems, and one of these is your tongue.

It can tell a lot of things regarding your well-being and your health.

A red strawberry color

If your tongue is shiny or strawberry red it may tell that you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12 or iron.

Brown or black plaque

It may sound scary but is a sign of smoking, drinking coffee, or black tea.

White Plaque

When your tongue looks like this, it is a sign of a yeast infection or candidiasis.

Hairy Tongue

It may sound scary but is harmless. It is a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface.

Furrowed tongue

It can develop infections and severe pain. It can be solved with antibiotics.

Small white spots on the tongue

These are increased production of cells in people who smoke. It may be pre-cancer cells.

Red spots and blisters

This is a sign of a serious disease. They are linked often to tongue cancer.

Burning sensation

It is caused by hormonal changes mostly in women in menopause.

Fuzzy Black/Brown Spots

It is a reflection of bad hygiene.

Bumps and dimples

It is rare but not dangerous. You do not have to worry about it.

Geographic Tongue

It is unclear why it happens, but is capable of regeneration.

Painful sores

A sign of oral thrush. A sign of a weak immune system and stress.


These are harmless but are home to infections.