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13 Habits We Mistakenly Called Harmless!

Sometimes the wrong way of life is the main cause of our poor health. These habits cause diseases and infections in us. Here are some of them.

1. Keeping sneezing

If you do it, you will have problems with blood vessels and breathing. 

2. Toothpicks

They are used in every country of the world but they are harmful. It can damage the enamel and cause infection in the gums. You can use dental floss instead.

3. Putting your face on the pillow while sleeping

This is what many people in the world do, but it is very harmful. It impedes breathing and damages the spinal cord. In this way you damage the facial skin and blood vessels.

Your neck will be in a bad position. Doctors advise the elimination of this habit.

4. Eat toothed seeds

This habit damages their teeth and gums. You should clean them with your hands and not with your teeth. If you have problems with the gallbladder, you should avoid this action.

5. Chewing things.

The bite of a pencil irritates your gums. Their strength can also damage teeth. Do not open the bottles using your teeth.

6. Delay in going to the bathroom

Although it often happens to you. It damages your health and urinary system. You strain the kidneys and intestines. It causes infection, and you may have problems with your urine.

7. Washing hair with hot water

Indeed, you do not like cold water when you wash. This action causes dizziness and headache.

8. Putting your hands on your face and eyes

You can not do with this. During the day, your hands have hundreds of germs. If you put your hands on your face, your face gets these germs too. It is how bacteria, viruses, infections, acne, herpes, etc. spread.

9. Excessive genie of gum

This action affects everywhere in your body and exhausts the muscles of your mouth. It also causes stomach problems and impairs memory.

10. Stretched reading

When reading pretends you damage the eyes and spine. Keep your distance while reading. Be careful with the placement of the neck.

11. Touching the tongue with the wound

When you inflate the wound or lick it, your wound will heal later. According to studies during this action, your will gets a lot of bacteria which can infect it.

12. Whispering

If you whisper often, you will damage your larynx. The vocal cords do not function properly, and this causes damage to the larynx.

13. Using the toilet phone

This habit does not directly harm your body. Keeping your phone and newspapers in the bathroom damages your veins. There are also a lot of bacteria in the bathroom.