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12+ Unusual Plastic Surgeries That Are Becoming Popular

Recently plastic surgeries have become very popular. Many girls and boys choose to make changes in their bodies to look better or to feel comfortable. But in this article, you will find some of the operations that are rarely done.  You have often heard of breast surgery or nose surgery. But these procedures that you will read here will really surprise you. In addition to the desire to increase surgical interventions, technology has also been developed. Recently doctors are using the latest surgery techniques.

 Replacement of body fat

 A few years ago, silicones were used to enlarge different parts of the body. While now doctors have the ability to move a person’s own fat from one place to another. This removes excess fat from the areas and shifts it to the required areas. This affects the regulation of adipose tissue.

 Finger extension

You would not believe this, but it is true. Finger extension is one of the aesthetic interventions that has started to spread in recent years. You will be surprised but women are ready to do things to look beautiful. And one of these is the extension of the fingers. This intervention can be applied to the hands or feet. Some of the women who have had this surgery show that they now feel better and this may have helped them when wearing heels.

 Hair transplantation

This seems like a common thing but in fact, a few years ago it was a rare activity. Some decide to have a hair transplant on the head, some on the chest and some on the legs. Some men prefer to have a hair transplant on the chin, etc. They increase the hair in the beard area to look more attractive.

 Muscle enlargement

Some women and men who do not have the desire to do physical activity, decide to enlarge the muscles surgically. They mainly enlarge the arm and abdominal muscles.


You would not believe it, but people, to look nice, can also do dimples surgery. They decide to have dimples in the cheeks. But they can no longer be removed.

 Change of fate

People who believe in luck can do this operation regardless of the outcome. This surgical intervention is related to the change of hand lines that are known as indicators of the flow of life.

 Navel change

The navel is a sensitive place in the human body. Therefore it is not very easy to make aesthetic interventions. However, surgeons have managed to find a way to change it without causing problems.

 Swelling of the breasts for only two days.

This is surprising but modern surgical techniques make it possible to swell the breasts in just two days. After a certain time, they deflate again and return to the previous state.

 Eye color

 Are you thinking of having green eyes or blue eyes? Now, this is possible and you can change the color of your eyes. Not everyone has the courage to do this, but it seems like a nice idea.

 Lifting the lips.

Something that has been adding massively lately is his puffy lips. They think they look prettier when their lips are swollen. Many girls take the example of celebrities.

Eyelash or eyebrow implant

Some people decide to get eyelash extensions because they want to look their best. Also, the eyebrow implant has started to be in great demand. Patients want to have thick and beautiful eyebrows

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