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12+ Models Who Still Rock After 50 and Prove Age Is Just a Number

Models start their career in a very young age and retire early. Most of the times in their thirties.

Nowadays fashion industry is evolving in another way and is becoming more inclusive.

Day by day we see older models during our fashion weeks and this is so special.

There are some old-school models that are returning to the fashion weeks and you can see how they add value to the industry.

What do you think about that? Let’s see some of the most stunning older models rocking the stage.

Cindy Crawford at 55

Naomi Campbell at 51

Carmen Dell’Orefice at 85

Helena Christensen at 53

Beverly Johnson at 69

Kathy Jacobs at 57

Maye Musk at 71

Christy Turlington at 52

Patti Hansen at 62

Veronica Webb at 54

Alva Chinn at 70

Carol Alt at 58

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