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10 YO Son of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Involved in an Accident at BMW Dealership

Reporters have declared that the son of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner was involved in a car accident on the weekend. After they got married they had three childrens son Sam and two daughters, Violet and Seraphina.

During that moment he was with his father and Jenifer Lopez while they visited a luxury car dealership. Ben was testing at the dealership to test the new car.

The source claimed that Ben’s son was very interested in exotic cars. He let his son into the driver seat of a very expensive lamborghini and in that moment the car ended up reversing into another parked car.

The cars seemed not to be damaged, thankfully. By the pictures we can clearly see that Ben was very upset about what had happened and regretted letting his son in the driver’s seat.

He hitted a white BMW but it was unclear if it was property of the dealmaker or customer.

After getting calm Ben said that there was no damage and everyone is okay. His mother has not declared anything yet.
On social media Jenifer on fathers day wrote for Ben that he was the most caring loving and selfless dad ever.

Back on time in 2021 Ben claimed about his alcohol addiction and what and who to blame for his habit. He has said that the marriage with Graner made him start drinking in the first place.

This marriage made him unhappy until the couple made a decision to break up.
He says that they were moments of tension and disagreements, angry but they figured it out and they hope they know how good parents they are for their kids.

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