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Youthful Gran Who ‘Looks Better Than She Did In Her 20s’ Becomes Bikini Bodybuilder Judge

There are times and people who prove that age is just a number. Anca Niccoleta Ward is the proof and she is a bikini bodybuilder who has won a lot of competitions and now she is a judging professional at competitions.

She has won fans and she is certain that she looks better than she did in her twenties.

She started her journey participating in bodybuilding competitions over years and this has helped her young. She is now 39 year old and has claimed that she looks better in her twenties and we can surely agree with her.

She has been seen at the Pure Elite fitness model contest judging people. Anca Nicoleta was allowed to sit next to event judges at the Middleton area. She has said that she has been into sports, into karate since she was 7 years old.

She has been dancing and in England she did a few marathons. She has been going to the gym and she liked to look huge like the people who went there.

Anca Nicoleta has spoken to a trainer to turn her body “huge” and the secret was weight training but she know nothing on what to eat, or how to rest her body. She motivated herself by watching bodybuilders how they trained and gave courage to herself that if she wanted she could do that.

As a bodybuilder she has a lot of trophies that she has amassed over the years and titles too. We can say that she is not done with the fitness industry as she continues to be a champion beside the private life of two stepchildren, her son, and a grandson.

Unbelievable right. She must be the first professional bikini wellness champion who is a grandmother. We all are curious to know if she is going to continue throughout the years and her answer is that she is going to do it as long as she enjoys it.

The personal trainer burns over 3000 calories and every evening she takes her time and prepares food for the next day. She puts a lot in her fitness career and takes care of what to eat so her body can be in shape.

She does spend a lot of time on practicing her poses, glamming up for shows and pumping iron. She says training is hard and you should turn it into a lifestyle. She doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, she eats healthy.

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