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When They Took Him To The Emergency Room, Doctors And Parents Were Amazed At What They Found Behind His Ear

Let’s talk together about little bugs part of the parasite family called ticks. You can’t see them with free eyes but anyway they are harmful. These parasites have been around for a time and are related to mites.

They survive by eating the blood of birds, reptiles, amphibians even humans sometimes. Now let’s talk about Stephanie and her toddler. One morning she woke up and went to her boy’s room and saw a serious problem.

The boy is described as an enthusiastic soul and very energic that day was laying in bed. By that time, he should have been running over the yard. She entered the room and saw the baby gazing at her. She went to call her husband Dillon.

Later they got informed that their baby got paralyzed and took the baby to the emergency room. They believed this came from hitting his head before his brother’s baseball game.

Collin made a lot of tests and his condition was not good. His father was watching him during this time and said he can only breathe. He had problems with eating and drinking. After a while his oxygen level started to fall so, he was transferred to a bigger hospital.

After he got transferred physicians could solve his problem. He told the parents that if they would have been late the boy could have gone through a cardiac arrest. After finding a tick behind his ear and removing it the boy was back to the normal state.

Despite the tick, paralyzes are an illness brought on by insect saliva. This bug was feeding himself with Collin’s blood and they contain a neurotoxin that brought him paralysis.

A parent should be aware of their child health and always check on them. Please share your opinion with us.