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Parents Said It Was a Meth Lab, But They Were Cooking Kids In The Bedroom

A very sad thing happened to this family in Missouri.

The couple Kathleen Peacock and Lucas Barnes were cooking methamphetamine in the house while something terrible was happening to their son in the meanwhile.

The police officers received reports that a methamphetamine lab was operating inside a mobile house. They went to inspect and found out what had happened.

Kathleen was the mother of a 2-year-old boy and was also pregnant at the time.

She and her husband had locked their kid in one of the rooms so they could cook meth in peace in the other room.

They had left him alone in that room with a space heater for two days.

After 38 hours of meth cooking, she went to check on her son after hearing a strange noise.

Kathleen saw that her little boy, Braydon Barnes, had died from the excessive heat from the space heater.

It was almost like being inside an oven. Little Braydon had been cooked to death.

Poor Braydon had not been fed for several days. The police said that Braydon would have died of hunger if he hadn’t died of excessive heat.

Kathleen and her husband Barnes are being sentenced for child abuse and child neglect which resulted in the child losing his life.

They are also being charged for drugs.

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