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The Truth About Dean Martin, According To His Daughter

Dean Martin started his career in the entertainment industry when he was a young boy and has been there for decades. 

He worked since his school days, in a steel mill and in a gas station, before becoming a boxer.

Now the reasons why he didn’t attend the inauguration of JFK in 1961 have come to light. It was a surprise for all of us when he rejected President Kennedy’s invitation. 

He is known as one of the ‘The Rat Packs’ with Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra is on the stage for years. 

He met a man and formed an outstanding comedy team having 17 movies together. Dean and Francis were very talented.

They split ten years after and never spoke to each other for 20 years. They have reunited again in 1876 and Dean Martin’s daughter had a lot of tea to spill about their reconciliation.

Sammy Davis Jr helped Kennedy to get elected, and later he paid Sammy back not allowing him to go to the inauguration because he had an interracial marriage. 

Then, Dean Martin stood up and didn’t go to the inauguration saying, ‘I am not going there if Sammy isn’t going. 

The more I know Dean Martin, the more I admire him. He stood up for his friend and that is great. 

Dean’s daughter denied all rumors about her father being a womanizer. 

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