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The best Shih Tzu Haircuts – Cute & Funny

Cute and funny haircuts for Shih Tzu

Everyone wants to look beautiful. Our clothes are a part of life for us.  Everyone has the right to look beautiful and feel good. Why not try it for yourself with your See Tzun. They need to be beautiful. You can try new styles. Your dog will look nice if you put accessories on him.

But before you cut his hair, you need to know a few things. Do not damage their hair. Their hair is very soft and does not fall to the floor. If you do not cut them properly, the hair can form knots. Cleaning and combing are important. Be careful with shampoos, and do not use shampoos with harsh chemical content.

Now that you know these, get ready to look at the most beautiful hairstyles for your Tzun.

1. The Lion cut

 You probably know that “See” means lion and “Tzu” means son. This hairstyle will go a long way with your dog. With this style, his face will look round. When cutting your hair do not touch the mustache. The body hairs may be cut to 1.5 or 2 inches.

2. Cute Puppy Cut

If you are looking for a great model for your dog this is it. You can cut your hair short and this will make them comfortable in the summer. With short hair, they will feel beautiful. Hair is cut up to 2 inches all over the body. While on the face they will be kept a little longer.

3. Teddy Bear haircut

If you are looking for a light and beautiful model, you should choose this one. Your dog will look like you are a wonderful little toy. This hairstyle fits very well with the personality and behavior of your dog. The hair on the body is cut up to 2.5 inches. While on the face they are cut up to 4 inches.

 4. Top Knot Show Cut

This style is awesome for your Tzune See. Your dog will have long and beautiful hair. In this model, the hair should be cleaned and of equal length. The hair is held up to the chest so that it does not stand out.

5. Practical Top Knot

 This is another model with long hair, but you need to shorten it a bit. This cut is very comfortable for your dog. It also helps the dog maintain body temperature.

6. Flared bottom Style

In this model, you have to cut the dog’s hair up to 3 inches. But do not forget. The hair on the tail should belong. Your dog will look very cute.