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Shih Tzu Depression – These Are The 6 Warning Signs

Humans and dogs are very connected. If you keep a dog, you will realize that you are very attached to it. Shih Tzu dogs are sociable and loving. They are constantly asking for your love and attention.

If you think you are tired and want to keep the dog away from you, you are very wrong. Shih Tzu dogs need you. If you have recently noticed some changes in his behavior you should be careful of these signs. They can tell you about your dog’s depression.

1. He sleeps a lot

See Tzu is a dog that sleeps little and is very active. He explores the garden and enjoys walking. If your dog sleeps too much, you need to understand that there is a problem. This type of dog wakes up as soon as it hears a noise. But if they are wise and sleepy, it means that they feel alone and suffer from depression.

2. Do not eat food

You need to take care of your dog. They are called ‘Munchkin’ because they like to eat! But if you see that they do not eat, it means that something is wrong.

3. Do not spend time with you

If they stay alone shows that they are suffering from depression Shih Tzu. They are very loving and want to always be with people. If you see that they do not want to stay with you, you should be concerned.

4. Lick your paws often

This is another sign. Your beloved dog is bored and demands your attention. You need to send it to the doctor and forgive her love.

5. Lose patience

If you notice this sign, you will realize that your dog is in a difficult situation. Their patience weakens and they suddenly become more impatient.

6. They want to hide

This sign will help you a lot. Dogs do not like darkness at all. If your dog wants to lie down on the couch or in the closet, you need to understand that it is suffering from depression.