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What Does The Shape Of Your Fingers Say About You

One man has a different character from another man. Some have their pros and cons. By discovering the signs that show your fingers you can learn a lot about your character. It is otherwise called sign language. Not only the marks but also the shape of the finger tells a lot about you. According to studies, there are three categories for finger shapes, and you can be in one of them.

Type A is when they are on the same level. Type B is when pinky is taller, and type C is when the pinky is smaller.

Let’s start with type A

If you are in type A it means that you are calm and do not share your feelings. You like to be reserved and want to look stronger than you are. These people get excited quickly and give a lot of love. If you are in this type then you hate lies and dishonesty. They are not tolerant, and this may seem strange to people. But they have a big heart. If you have set yourself a goal, then you will carry it to the end.

Type B

If you are in type B it means that you want to not approach anyone to yourself. These people are sensitive, but they look cold. They do not show feelings. You can be committed to yourself and the person you love. Keep making mistakes because you want to look cooler than you are. That is why people often think wrongly about this type of people. They are afraid of getting hurt so they do not want to keep anyone close to them.

Type C

People of this type are very tolerant and do not hold grudges. They do not get bored easily and often forget the boredom. These people hate territories they do not know and are worried about dealing with things they do not know. In most cases, these people are reserved and do not talk about their feelings. They deal with their problems and do not interfere in the affairs of others.