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Texas Mother Fatally Shot Visiting Son’s Grave On His First Birthday in Heaven

In this article, we will see the sad story of a mother who was killed when she went to visit the grave of her son.

This happened in Texas. The mother went to the graveyard to visit the grave of her son one year after he had gone to heaven. 

Her name was Yolanda N’Gaoija and she was 52 years old. She was shot and then found dead next to her son’s grave.

There was also another victim from the gunshots who had taken only non-life-threatening wounds. 

Yolanda’s ex-husband was shocked by the news and devastated. He said that he couldn’t believe Yolanda was shot and gone from this world. 

Yolanda went to visit the grave of her son. Her son. Amir would have turned 22 years on that day. He passed away one year ago on New Year’s Eve. 

The ex-husband, Kinah, and Yolanda had 3 kids together. Kinah said that this thing had seriously affected him and his family. 

The shooting that killed Yolanda was described as an isolated incident by the Police Department. 

The identities of the victims have not been formally released from the police. Also, the identities of the shooter are not known yet.

We hope they catch the shooters as soon as possible and bring justice for Yolanda. 

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