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Scientists Found Out Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Back To The Universe

One of the most asked questions in daily life is also the question regarding what happens to one’s soul after someone dies. Well, scientists have reached the conclusion that it does not die, but it goes back to the universe. 

They have compared our brain with a computer and have called it a biological one. Our consciousness, according to their research, is just like a process that runs inside the biological computer. 

The soul does not die, as it is inside some microtubes in our brain cells. According to the theory of these scientists, when someone dies, the memory can get withdrawn inside their brain. 

So, when someone dies, his blood doesn’t flow anymore and his heart stops beating. His quantum information that was inside the microtubes can not be destroyed. But it is much more reasonable for it to be distributed in the universe. 

This is also backed up by clinical death. Because, if someone experiences clinical death, the moment he comes back to life, his quantum information is available again, so it did not get destroyed, but it was placed back into the microtubes. 

Dr.Hameroff, argues that peoples’ souls could have existed since the very beginning of time itself. The latest discoveries about dark matter and dark energy may be related to this theory and together they can be very helpful to the understanding of other theories regarding what humans can not see or even interact with.

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