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Richard Gere Passed On His Charm And Handsome Looks To His Son, Homer

Through his fantastic acting and talent, Richard Gere had many roles in the best Hollywood movies. 

We never heard anything bad about him. Never mentioned drugs, drinking, drama, and more. We do not see him often now as 71-YO, but he has earned his fame and fortune. 

He seems to get more and more attractive over the years. Personally, I like every movie that he is in. Money has not been his driving force, despite being rich. Whenever I choose to take part in a movie, I do not choose the most commercially successful ones, or how to profit more. I really have been into interesting movies with a great connection. 

A multi-talented actor it was said according to the reports that he made between 5 million to 10 million dollars for each movie. 

We all are curious to see this 20 YO good looking boy today. You won’t be disappointed. He ended up in the limelight early, because his parents were world-famous celebrities, even that they were apart since 2003.