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Mom Warns Parents After Her Kid’s Face Is Destroyed By A Playground Stunt

Anyone who has been a child knows that it is very easy to make mistakes and we learn from them. Sometimes children fool each other while playing, but some jokes have serious consequences. 

Tyler Broome 11 YO tried the roundabout of death, a new trend among children. He didn’t think a bit about the consequences and was convinced he would be called fearless and brave.

He was subjected to extreme gravitational force and had serious injuries. To do this you should stay in the middle of a roundabout playground and spin at high speed while using the rear wheel of a motorcycle.

Tyler was unconscious after trying this and had brain and eye injuries. This is a force used by astronauts and pilots. 

Fluid and blood have been forced into his brain and affected his vision too. 

Tyler’s mother said for The Independent that he may have a stroke. He didn’t know the teenager who challenged him into this. The doctors didn’t know how to treat him. His head was swollen, and blood vessels were broken, and couldn’t see.