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Mom Gives Baby Full Stiletto Manicure And Posts Pics On Social Media

We know that parents want the best for their children. But is it true that all parents do this? 

A mother posted a picture of her young daughter and this made many people angry. 

She showed in the photo her little daughter having fake nails done in stiletto shape. The hand of the girl looks younger than one year old. 

And she said in the caption: ‘ I can do baby nails, PM for info. Cheap rates.’

Many people pointed out the danger of a baby having long nails, and even stiletto shaped. 

A commenter said: ‘I can understand painting nails of babies, but giving fake ones? It is way too dangerous. Babies constantly touch their faces which can damage their eyes.’

Another one commented: ‘Just no!  Babies’ nails are so thin and this can damage them later in life, just stupid. 

A third commenter said: ‘Why would you want sharp things around your baby? It’s just no no no no nooo.’ 

We can’t say how real is this, but it is very disgusting and is a bizarre trend that others may follow and may endanger their babies. 

We would strongly advise against these sorts of trends that can seriously harm your baby. 

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