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Meet Amora, The Little Shih Tzu Who Exudes Glamor On Social Media

Well, a shih tzu ‘reported’ in a super cute video how busy her life is, despite the clicks on social networks being on the beach, restaurants, or by the pool.

The little one, of the shih tzu breed, is called Amora and lives with Régis Andrade and Rochelle Lima.

The shih tzu Amora

And with her grace and beauty, she has won the hearts of thousands of netizens. Between TikTok and Instagram, they already have more than 60 thousand followers.

Blackberry, shih tzu on the beach

In the narrative that suggests being Amora, she says that despite posting photos in wonderful places, it doesn’t mean she lives on vacation.

In fact, she worked hard to pay for the luxury and deserves more than anyone a little break to recharge her energies and be able to get back to work. What envy, haha!

The post received thousands of views and hundreds of comments full of praise.

“hahahhahaha I loved Amora, enjoy it and take your dad to enjoy it too, that’s what we work for!”, commented one.

“The laugh…perfect!!!! Amora rocks too much”, praised another.