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Daughter Comes Home To Find Dad Napping With Neighbor’s Dogs

Lon Watson, an independent protector from Alabama, USA, takes time out of his day to take naps with neighborhood dogs.

The man has always loved animals and has been working for a few years with the local rescue group called Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue, reported The Dodo,

According to Catey Hall, Lon’s daughter, her father has always rescued animals since she was a child.

Currently, the independent protector lives in a very spacious house with his wife, so he has been rescuing many dogs that end up clinging to him.

“Dad sees plays and naps with one or more of these dogs daily. They come running when they see his car and follow him inside,” Catey told The Dodo.

Lon has four pet dogs, all were rescued by him and his wife, in addition to other rescues who are looking for a home, some of them never get interested and end up staying forever.

However, dogs that love to nap with the guard have homes and owners, dogs named Hooch, Fluffer-Nutter, and Rosie have a special connection with Lon.

“The neighborhood is an unincorporated section of semi-rural Alabama. The houses are set back from the street so dogs can safely jump from house to house. Dogs can usually hear my dad’s truck coming and they will find it in the garage,” the daughter added.

No neighbors and guardians are bothered by the fact that their pets prefer to sleep in the company of the protector, none of them ever got in the way or prevented the dogs from reaching the man’s house.