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Man Proposes Single Mom But Stops Her Taking Kids To Dead Dad’s Gravesite

One of the most traumatic things that can happen to a kid is to lose a parent. It is something that has the ability to change their life forever. 

Their life can get even more complicated sometimes when a step-parent enters their family. In this article, we will see the story of a woman with two kids who lost her husband. 

She eventually met another man they started dating. But there is something that troubles this new boyfriend. He thinks it is a problem for the kids to visit their dead father’s grave.

This woman lost her husband because of cancer. They had two sons. She used to visit his grave with her sons every week. Then they started doing it as a monthly thing. 

She met with her new boyfriend after two years. They clicked immediately and became very close. He proposed and they are now-fiancee.

When he found out about this monthly visit to the graveyard he didn’t like the idea. He felt like he was being left out. 

According to him, he was not the kid’s father and that the mother and her sons are creating a very unhealthy attachment with a person who is no longer part of this world. 

The mother on the other hand feels that this is completely normal and that in this case, it is him who is turning this into a competition. 

She shared this story online and saw that a lot of people thought of this behavior as a form of abuse. 

What about you? What do you think of this situation?

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